Secluded + Nature + Dogs.

Because our bond with our dogs is special.

Our furry friends have MORE than just a little place in our hearts! And they're here for a good time. Not forever. My dogs and cat are by my side at every opportunity. I wanted to create a place where you don't have to choose between a beautiful place and bringing your best friend/s. Where everything you need is at your fingertips and there's no hefty packing. Where the floors are hardy and they can be with you at our home just like they are in your own. And most of all, where doggo's favourite thing is at your doorstep wherever you turn. Beautiful nature. And by giving all of this to them, you'll be rejuvenating yourself in the most wonderful way. Our main difference is it's not a tick box for us to be dog friendly and my whole heart and soul is in it with hands on setups, maintenance and knowing what you need from my own experience. When you stay in one of our cottages, they are PURPOSE BUILT for dogs. They are meant for people who would love to stay in a 'nice' house that honours the architecture of the area and is tastefully decorated - yet hardy. My biggest issue finding dog friendly accommodation is when I visit an area, I don't necessarily need or want luxury accommodation. But I"m also not looking for new builds and grandma's discarded sheets. So whilst there's the odd aluminium window that I'd never dream of replacing (I'd prefer to spend money building agility courses instead) they are lovely original cottages with vintage and reclaimed pieces, Canningvale bedding and neverending thoughtful details for humans and dogs (or cats!).

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You CAN stay somewhere beautiful with your dogs.

I (Kim) and Mika (my now 5 year old Finnish Lapphund) came across a lot of places that were pet friendly for 'small dogs' under 15 kilos, 'non energetic dogs' or 'non shedding dogs' - all the things Mika just isn't. Sometimes there were ten pages of dog rules but no fences. Or dogs slept outside. Or in the hallway. Or you had to commit under oath that they were well behaved. Or there was a huge non refundable pet fee. Or you were regulated to staying in shacks with dirt floors which might be a lovely home concept but isn't your ideal for a paid holiday. Both Hepburn Springs and our Vaughan locations are not just thoughtfully appointed with pet friendly stays in mind. They're engineered and TESTED by my own cat, my 4 year old Lapphund and my pupper Maremma. And Hepburn has been given the four paws up by many hundreds of pooches, cats and birds. Engineered and tested 'with' mindful, hands-on owners in mind who know their pets. This is how it works. We attract people who like to holiday 'with' their dogs (dogsitter recommendation provided for Hepburn). And provide safe outdoor spaces with undercover access if you need to leave them leave to explore a spa rejuvenation, beautiful dinner or a show. We also trust guests fully with their dogs onsite and even inside. We leave all accountability with you as the owner for damages and there's a Pet Checklist easily displayed. If you're fully confident of a no damage outcome, they can be left inside for short periods. Or crated! With a cordless Dyson onsite and impeccable cleaning, you'll enjoy (finally!) feeling fully welcome with Fido. Scroll down for the last piece - 'Who does it suit?'

“Kim’s cottage is an amazing getaway in a perfect location.

Close enough to town to walk for a scrumptious brekkie but also adjoining the Hepburn regional park with walking trails at your doorstep (turn right for a great walk into the Hepburn springs reserve!). Best of both worlds if you’re looking for a forest getaway not too far from town.
Kim and Mika have obviously designed their getaway together and it’s a very thoughtful collaboration! So good to find pet friendly accommodation where the pups are unashamedly a priority.
We’ll definitely be returning in the winter months to take advantage of the fire pit. Being outside and staring at the stars is the best!
Thanks Kim for sharing your amazing cottage.”
Ollie (pictured) and pawrent chaperone, May 2021, Spring Creek – Hepburn. Just one of many, many reviews.

Who does it suit?

Logistically, the cottages cater for a maximum of '4' bed-occupying folk in either. Infants and smallies very welcome, providing self catered (note Vaughan internally is smaller than Hepburn but would fit 4 if need be for a weekend). Holistically, made for down to earth nature loving couples, singles, a small family or friend groups - with or without furry friends. People who are looking for historic yet well maintained, magical cottages. Pet wise we cater for two with any provisions (dog beds, bowls and fleecy blankets - cats are BYO provisions as they prefer their own). If you are looking to bring three or even four dogs, you will just need to be a real dog person and have a squiz at the pet checklist on email before confirming your booking The cottages are reallly quiet with Hepburn bordering a forest on both sides and Vaughan nestled in your own private gully with endless views. With this sort of nature, the trees may rustle, it gets dark, kangaroos are all around, there's the occasional rattle to anchor in weather and yes a possum or two. An odd creak or dip in the old yet decently stumped floors. To be truly dog friendly, homes really cannot offer big sumptious dry-clean only blankets and expensive rugs. So I make sure those headaches aren't around - as much as I'd love the occasional designer throw, it's not sensible. Vaughan is a dedicated weekender with some availability during additional holiday seasons. Hepburn Springs is open (and usually full) all year round. Hepburn is just a ten minute walk to the main road and five minute walk to the famous Mineral Springs (can even reach through the forest). Vaughan is a rural village - again walking distance to its own Springs, 8 minute drive to Chewton and right between Daylesford and Castlemaine.

Self Contained

The cottages are 100% self contained accommodation which is majority BYO. See the FAQs for more information. The value of our provisions is in the dogs. The preparation, the beds and bowls, handmade liver treats, the maintenance and the mitigation. Coffee, tea, milk, kindling, firestarters and firewood are starter provisions for your stay with plenty of options to replenish and add to them around town plus extra storage of firewood bags onsite at Hepburn for convenience and purchase. You can safely expect all your cooking basics (oils and salts).

Just a couple more Ruffviews

Beautifully appointed rooms

Respecting the heritage whilst giving you all the provisions your heart desires. Stylish 'dog friendly fusion' at its finest!

Before you visit

Book a beautiful grazing hamper or spa experience with our sustainable local friends.

About Us

Kim (and Mika + now Mana) hands on maintain the properties, one of us more than the others. We are locals and getabout with pupper Maremma Mana and our stern floofy cat, Indy. We're hands on and heart centred with the setup and have been known to leave scavenger hunts for your dog. My committment to guests is to create a magical stay, interpret your needs and ensure they are places my big (and big natured) dogs would feel fully comfortable in. 'With' my eyes on them or the 'baby' crated if I went out. The picture is a few years old but I love it as it was the night before Mika lost his you-know-whats. His smile shows he really had no idea what was coming. Love you, Mika.

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