The Fine Print


Terms and Conditions

All Spring Creek Cottage Hepburn (SCCH) bookings are subject to the terms and conditions below. The contact person (bookable name under ‘guest’) agrees to these conditions on behalf of all persons onsite during the period of the booking.


The cottage books up in advance. Bookings should be made with certainty to avoid cancellation fees.

Due to the changing Government information, SCCH will respect authorised final information regarding closures or travel if guests wish to cancel on this advice.

SCCH will not entertain rumours, anything in the media, murmurs from your cousin in the Police department nor general frenzied feelings (though we will have empathy on that last one). So do book confidently.  

  • Bookings may be cancelled within 48 hours of booking for full refund. If payment was via credit card (STRIPE) or other related to a fee there will be at least a few days prior to return of funds and funds will be returned minus card fees originally covered by SCCH.
  • 50% refunds of total booking fee provided if cancelled within 7 days or more prior to check in date.
  • Full refunds or alternate future dates provided if the cottage is mandated closed for a period OR if guests are deemed unable to travel to the location. 
  • SCCH reserves the right to cancel bookings with appropriate refunds at any time including rejecting bookings without explanation where customers may be a potential risk.


Permitted Guests and number of Guests

  • The definition of a ‘guest’ is any adult or child over the age of 5. All guests must be declared at the time of booking
  • The accommodation has a maximum capacity of 4 with the exception of small children (under 5). Guests are limited to the number of beds stipulated in the guest booking information. Infants or children under 5 not utilising a bed do not have to be included in the guest count but must be self catered entirely. This includes providing own sleeping arrangements, bedding and linen unless requested prior to booking. The accommodation is not equipped to cater for groups beyond 4, under the definition of ‘guests’.
  • Only permitted and listed guests are to stay in the cottage with the exception of pet sitter or baby sitter – should an overnight stay be required. If this occurs, guests are to provide their names and details to the accommodation for emergency and risk management.

Parties, events and gatherings

  • By definition when 3 or more non registered guests attend the property
  • Are not permitted

House guidelines

  • The accommodation is non smoking inside or near open windows or doors. There’s a dedicated sand ash tray near the black table and chairs which should be the deposit place of all cigarette butts. Please bag and bin all cigarette butts on checkout and refrain from any smoking in the national forest immediately next door (deemed cottage naturestrip).
  • Disruptions to peace that involve police call outs and/or accommodation notification may attract eviction without notice if the situation is untenable. In the case of an eviction whole or part, guests are not eligible for refunds.
  • During a fire danger period, guests will be given fire pit instructions in accordance with guidelines. Guests are liable for infringements issued for not complying with the guidelines.
  • Prices constructed according to house use. Guests to use only the beds chosen at time of booking.
  • As self contained accommodation, the expectation is the accommodation does not need to be ‘sparkling’ on check out but just should be left in neat and tidy condition with the following;
    • dishes etc washed dried and placed in their original homes
    • dogs fully picked up after outside with any garden decimation restored
    • items back to their original places
    • All rubbish and recycling removed and placed in the appropriate bins (including fridge)
    • Any spills or major use sorted (i.e. microwave/stove top food explosions, BBQs brushed, excessive dirt or hair vacuumed). Dyson stick is provided for use and appreciated to keep the place comfortable and clean for all guests ongoing.


  • Dogs are fully welcome inside the cottage with exception of beds unless the ‘furry friend linen’ package is chosen prior to your stay. 
  • Please use blankets provided if dogs utilise the couch.
  • Dogs must be fully housetrained to accompany you. Unreported accidents will be charged professional cleaning at $150 per instance.
  • Dogs not to be unattended inside the accommodation.
  • Guests to make all reasonable efforts to minimise dog mess including use of dog towels, polar fleece blankets and restriction from furniture (including dog friendly beds) if dogs are excessively dirty/muddy and not cleaned prior. Extra cleaning expenses may be charged.
  • The yard is secure. We suggest dogs should not be unattended for long periods of time outside (wildlife, unknown reactions by dogs) but completely place responsibility/consequence with you as the owner/s to know your dogs and make these calls. A reliable pet sitter is provided in the welcome pack depending on availability and notice should you wish to pursue.


  • Whilst you are in residence, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture and fittings. Any breakages, damage or loss must be reported immediately.
  • SCCH reserves the right to request payment in full in the event of property damage or theft either accidentally, maliciously or through negligence on the guest’s behalf.
  • SCCH is not responsible for the security of your belongings and encourages you to ensure your accommodation is secure when not occupied.
  • SCCH is not responsible for the safety of attended or unattended dogs on the property
  • SCCH is not responsible for any calls to the property with respect to noise disturbance or law enforcement


  • SCCH presents the property in a fair and reasonable, transparent way on the website and in the description. Should something arise as an issue or a misrepresentation, SCCH must be immediately notified and given the opportunity to rectify the situation by instruction or other.
  • You agree and are aware that the property is fully self contained and the business manager is in a remote location. Any emergencies requiring professional call-outs will be assessed in consultation with owner as having the ability to cause injury or harm to person or property within the immediate grounds. The Daylesford Macedon Ranges are a popular tourist spot and one that is under-manned for maintenance at the best of times. If the issue is non urgent it may be dealt with after your stay.
  • Two keys are provided with instructions to separate them and keep one in the safe. Should a lockout still occur, we will provide access to a spare key upon contact. If this is a late hour (after 9pm), SCCH takes no responsibility for failure to respond. 
  • Guests are responsible for the cost of any damage created attempting to enter a locked house, any locksmith charges and replacement key charges.

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