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Terms and Conditions

All Spring Creek Cottage Hepburn (SCCH) bookings are subject to the terms and conditions below. The contact person (bookable name under ‘guest’) agrees to these conditions on behalf of all persons onsite during the period of the booking.


SCCH has a firm cleaning guarantee for guests. This means that if something is outside of your expectations and you notify SCCH of the issue immediately, we will send a cleaner to urgently rectify it from our partner Daylesford Green. It is governed by the following:

  • SCCH must immediately be notified by text or call and the opportunity provided to rectify
  • SCCH provide no further compensation or refunds other than the cleaner rectification
  • The cleaning guarantee is only for the inside of the accommodation specifically and will not include;
    • Mika’s Cottage (aka the outside worker’s shed). This is left ajar for firewood and use and whilst checked by the cleaners is subject to the elements
    • Outside tables and chairs
    • Pathways or gardens
    • Windows
    • Outside doors, porch or stairs.


Permitted Guests and number of Guests

  • The definition of a ‘guest’ is any adult or child over the age of 6. All guests must be declared at the time of booking
  • The accommodation has a maximum capacity of 4 with the exception of small children (under 6). Guests are limited to the number of beds stipulated in the guest booking information. Infants or children under 6 not utilising a bed do not have to be included in the guest count but must be self catered entirely. This includes providing own sleeping arrangements, bedding and linen unless requested prior to booking. The accommodation is not equipped to cater for groups beyond 4, under the definition of ‘guests’.
  • Only permitted and listed guests are to stay in the cottage with the exception of pet sitter or baby sitter – should an overnight stay be required. If this occurs, guests are to provide their names and details to the accommodation for emergency and risk management.

Parties, events and gatherings

  • By definition when 3 or more non registered guests attend the property
  • Are not permitted

House guidelines

  • The accommodation is non smoking inside or near open windows or doors. There’s a dedicated sand ash tray near the black table and chairs which should be the deposit place of all cigarette butts. Please bag and bin all cigarette butts on checkout and refrain from any smoking in the national forest next door.
  • Disruptions to peace that involve police call outs and/or accommodation notification may attract eviction without notice if the situation is untenable. In the case of an eviction whole or part, guests are not eligible for refunds.
  • Prices are constructed fairly according to the number of guests and it’s expected guests utilise only the number and type of bed/s chosen. Should other beds be used, an additional professional linen charge of $20 per bed will be invoiced upon check out.
  • As self contained accommodation, the expectation is the accommodation does not need to be ‘sparkling’ but should be left in neat and tidy condition with the following;
    • dishes etc washed dried and placed in their original homes
    • dogs fully picked up after with garden decimation restored
    • items back to their original places
    • All rubbish and recycling removed and placed in the appropriate bins (including fridge)
    • Any spills or cleanliness issues sorted (i.e. microwave/stove top food explosions, ovens & grills wiped down, BBQs brushed, dryer lint trap cleared, excessive dirt or hair vacuumed). These areas may attract additional professional cleaning and will be charged at $75 per instance if occurs.


  • Dogs are fully welcome inside the cottage with exception of beds unless the ‘furry friend linen’ package is chosen prior to your stay. If your dog is anything like mine and you have not opted for this package, please close the bedroom doors when not in use.
  • Dogs not to be unattended inside the accommodation
  • The yard is secure. However dogs should not be unattended for long periods of time outside. This is due to the capacity for incidents with wildlife in the neighbouring forest and to ensure there is no noise disturbance – please apply sensibility according to your own dog. A reliable pet sitter is provided in the welcome pack.


  • Whilst you are in residence, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture and fittings. Any breakages, damage or loss must be reported immediately.
  • SCCH reserves the right to request payment in full in the event of property damage or theft either accidentally, maliciously or through negligence on the guest’s behalf.
  • SCCH is not responsible for the security of your belongings and encourages you to ensure your accommodation is secure when not occupied.
  • SCCH is not responsible for the safety of unattended dogs on the property


  • SCCH presents the property in a fair and reasonable, transparent way on the website and in the description. Should something (besides cleaning) arise as an issue or a misrepresentation, SCCH must be immediately notified and given the opportunity to rectify the situation.

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