It’s Fido. It’s the vibe.

There’s a reason our accommodation seems magical to so many and that reason is really, YOU! Nature settings plus uber dog friendliness then just add ‘dog’. Turns out you’re pretty amazing and this stress free combo just brings it out.  The “Fido” vibe is a careful curation where we can only take only partial credit.

Caretaking the Fido vibe takes far more than a ‘yes’ tickbox or a pretty vase but both are a good start.

With now hundreds of guests (plus humans), our Hepburn Springs cottage has become one of the most directly booked out dog friendly destinations in Australia. And I talk to a LOT of guests (and their dogs).

Indulge me to share some of the beautiful patterns and observations from welcoming, communicating with and experiencing you – our guests. 

And this time I do mean the humans.

admin - 09/01/2023

Stop the grind, bring Grover and his tuxedo bee-blanket.

Stop the grind, bring Grover and his tuxedo bee-blanket. Kennels were once thriving businesses. I don’t know if they are now, I’ve never used one. But I know the vibe used to be “which place is taking yours?” And “do …

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