Early Bird Specials

Specials are for Hepburn Springs and are generally earlybird for historically lower months.

Booked dates cannot be cancelled and replaced with specials.

All special pricing available to all guests (new, returning, frequent) is below).  Scroll down to read about referral codes or gift vouchers.

For our many returning guests, the VIP discount code has expired given a majority of our guests are now VIPs and we’ve reached critical mass. This is normal – like going to your favourite cafe that had a special to keep people coming back and they’re now also 5 years old (like us). Offering 5% discount to the majority of guests when costs are up 40% has left us a bit bare boned – thank you for your understanding.

Midweek early bird - October

If your'e looking ahead, why not book one of the (few) quieter months and save a few dollars close to Christmas? For a limited period of time we're offering a special on MIDWEEK stays for October at Hepburn Springs - Sunday to Thursday nights. Enter OCT2, OCT3 or OCT4 for special pricing from 2 to 4 nights. *Please ensure your booking does not include Friday or Saturday nights as they are not part of the offer. If mistakenly chosen we will send you the revised booking amount once reviewed*

Single night stays

When there's a single night between bookings at Hepburn Springs I happily offer them with a $50 additional tariff. A 'single night' on the calendar is indicated as one single 'white' date inbetween two blocked and the pricing shown will be accurate. All other 'white' available dates are 2 night minimum. If you see one available please contact us to book (chatbox or email). If you are a guest booked in and see a single night on offer immediately before or after your stay, contact us directly if you wish to extend by a night and we'll sort it all out for you.

Referral codes

Received a unique coupon code from a friend? Let’s make sure you get the best deal but we show our gratitude for their referral.

Use the specials coupon for the best price but but pop their referral code in the booking notes so we can thank them! 

Using Gift Vouchers

If you have received a gift voucher code and would like to book a special, please contact us below or on chat for a custom code.

Specials cannot be used in conjunction with loyalty/VIP codes (such as repeat guests and dog platforms). Pick the best code!

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